Jefferson Hills Intermediate School will hold several fundraising events to include sales, Family Bingo, Buyout/WAC campaign, smencils, and ongoing fundraisers  All proceeds go back to the school and students through PTA events, activities, and field trips.  

This school year we plan to hold the following Fundraising events: 

5th Grade Activity Fundraiser

Fall Fundraisers (TBD) 

Family Bingo

Spring Fundraisers

Smencils sale

Earning for Learning (ongoing no effort fundraisers)


You can still assist us in raising money to continue to provide field trips, assemblies and other fun school activities without having to participate in fundraisers.  THIS DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!  You can make your donation at this link.  

The below buy out options are suggestions only based on the income we hope to obtain from fundraisers thru out the year.

Suggested Tier 1:  $25-$50 donation and we ask that you would still participate in 2 fundraisers.

Suggested Tier 2:  $50-$75 donation and we ask that you would still participate in one fundraiser.

Suggested Tier 3: $75+ donation and you would not be required to participate in any of the fundraisers however you would still receive the email notices and PTA updates.